Artist Statement

In making art, I aspire to change how others think of the Anthropocene, the current state of the world we live in. I have surrounded my self by nature my entire life, and this is the driving force behind what I create because in our current state we may not have the same nature that I grew up around with the forever looming fear of climate change. My art is focused heavily on environmentalism and with documenting landscapes.


With thinking of environmentalism, one thing that hits home for me is the waste we produce and how this waste interacts with the world. My project titled: The Cigarettes, is a collection of work that mixes photography and sculpture to show the negligence of waste that comes from those who smoke cigarettes. It highlights the problem and waste that comes from cigarettes not being disposed of properly in the correct reciprocal, but rather on the streets and sidewalks of San Francisco by playing with scale as well as abstraction to relate the pressing problem to the viewer. As well as highlighting environmental concerns, I also produce landscape images from many of the mountain ranges that reside within the state of California. I am showing my audience the beauty that is held in the landscapes of today, because the harsh reality is that that may not be here for generations to come.


These issues that are involved in my work are something that we cannot ignore. If we ignore these concerns, then there truly is no hope for the human race to continue as it has in the past, we need change, and I hope to inspire that.

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